Bunga Falls is the twin falls of Nagcarlan Laguna

Bunga Falls in Nagcarlan, Laguna is a twin falls divided into two similar-looking cascades with a protruding rock in the middle. The falls are beautifully symmetric and have a deep plunge pool perfect for cliff-jumpers.

The falls used to be a local test of “manliness” of the boys to be able to jump from the falls to the deep basin. Local folklore also suggests there are creatures under the pool that snatches those deemed undeserving. The deep pool is estimated to be at 20 feet.

Bunga is translated as “beetle nut” due to its abundance in the area. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush greenery and have a peaceful vibe.

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Children playing in the deep plunge pool of the waterfalls.
Children playing in the deep plunge pool of the waterfalls.
Cottages in the area are available for rent.
Cottages in the area are available for rent.

The 15-meter high waterfalls is in the center of the enchanting town of Nagcarlan. What makes this falls unique is its symmetrical beauty of two waterfalls flowing side by side with each other. The close proximity to the city and its accessibility makes it a perfect summer getaway for people looking to visit south of Manila.

General Information:

  • Entrance Fee– PHP 20 per person
  • Cottage– PHP 250
  • Life Vest– PHP 50

Visitors may also visit the unique Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan when visiting the attraction.

How to Get There:

By public transportation: There are daily flights going to Manila from Cebu City. Take a bus from Manila going to Lucena City. Ask the conductor to drop you off in San Pablo City. From there you can take a jeepney to Nagcarlan city proper. You may take a motorcycle to Bunga Falls, which is not far away.

By car: Navigate using Waze or Google / Apple Maps and key in Bunga Falls as your destination. There are plenty of parking space available.

Location Information:

Bunga Falls is located in Barangay Bunga, around 3 hours drive away from Manila.

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