Eruption of Mt. Kanlaon Causes Flight Cancellations from Cebu

Cebu, Philippines — June 4, 2024, Mt. Kanlaon, one of the Philippines’ most active volcanoes, erupted on June 3, 2024, causing significant disruptions in air travel and prompting emergency measures across affected regions. The eruption, which sent ash plumes around 5,000 meters into the sky, has led to the cancellation of numerous flights from Cebu’s Mactan-Cebu International Airport, impacting hundreds of travelers.

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Impact on Air Travel

Flight Cancellations and Delays

As a safety precaution, aviation authorities have canceled all flights to and from Cebu, particularly those routes passing near Mt. Kanlaon. Airlines, including Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia Philippines, have canceled domestic and international flights. The ash clouds pose serious risks to aircraft engines and visibility, necessitating these measures to ensure passenger safety.

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List of Cancelled Flights from Cebu due to Mount Kanloan Eruption

AirAsia (Z2)

Z2 761/762: Manila-Cebu-Manila

Cebu Pacific (DG/5J)

  • DG 6460/6461 Cebu-Bacolod-Cebu
  • 5J 164/165 Cebu-Iloilo-Cebu

Philippine Airlines (PR)

  • PR 2380/2381 Cebu-Iloilo-Cebu
  • PR 2384/2385 Cebu-Iloilo-Cebu
  • PR 2285/2286 Cebu-Bacolod-Cebu
  • PR 2869 Manila-Cebu
  • PR 2835/2836 Manila-Cebu-Manila
  • PR 2841/2842 Manila-Cebu-Manila

PAL Express (2P)

  • 2P 2841/2842 Manila-Cebu-Manila
  • 2P 2835 Manila-Cebu

Airswift (T6)

T6 336 Cebu-El Nido-Cebu

Scoot (TR)

TR 384/385 Singapore-Cebu-Singapore

Updated as of 2:20 PM Philippine Time. Please refresh this page for updates.

Affected passengers should contact their respective airlines for rebooking options and further instructions. Mactan-Cebu International Airport has set up help desks and provided additional staff to assist travelers with rebooking and accommodation arrangements.

Mactan International Airport (MCIA) experienced several delayed and cancelled flights due to the eruption of Mt. Kanlaon.
Mactan International Airport (MCIA) experienced several delayed and cancelled flights due to the eruption of Mt. Kanlaon.
Passengers await news from the CAAP on when flight will resume at Manila Terminal 3 Airport.
Passengers await news from the CAAP on when flight will resume at Manila Terminal 3 Airport.

Airport Operations

The airports of Cebu, Bacolod, and Iloilo remain operational but with significantly reduced activities. Enhanced cleaning protocols are in place to manage ash fallout, and maintenance teams are working around the clock to ensure runways and taxiways remain clear. Airport authorities closely monitor the situation in coordination with the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

Local Response and Safety Measures Due to the Mt. Kanlaon Eruption

Evacuations and Health Warnings

Communities within the immediate vicinity of Mt. Kanlaon, particularly in Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, have been advised to evacuate. In collaboration with disaster response teams, local government units are providing evacuation centers and distributing masks to protect residents from inhaling ash.

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The region of Negros Occidental has been placed under Blue Alert. Health officials urge residents and visitors to stay indoors as much as possible, wear protective masks, and avoid activities that could stir up ash particles. Those with respiratory conditions are advised to seek medical attention if they experience difficulties.

Monitoring and Updates

PHIVOLCS has raised the alert level for Mt. Kanlaon, indicating an increased likelihood of further eruptions. Continuous monitoring of volcanic activity is underway, and updates are being disseminated through official channels. Residents are encouraged to stay informed through local news and government advisories.

Tourism and Economic Impact

Tourism Disruptions

The eruption has also affected the local tourism industry, as popular destinations in Cebu and nearby regions experienced a drop in visitor numbers. Tourist attractions, hotels, and restaurants are taking steps to ensure the safety of guests and staff while dealing with cancellations and reduced bookings.

Economic Measures

Local businesses, particularly those in the tourism and aviation sectors, are bracing for economic losses. Government support and disaster relief funds are mobilizing to aid affected industries and communities. Business owners are encouraged to contact local government units for assistance and information on available support programs.

The Philippines is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanic activity and earthquakes are common. Mt. Kanloan is around 85 km away from Cebu City.

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The eruption of Mount Kanlaon has brought significant disruptions to air travel and local communities, with safety being the paramount concern. As authorities and residents work together to manage the impacts, staying informed and following safety guidelines are crucial. Travelers affected by flight cancellations from Cebu are urged to contact their airlines for rebooking options and remain patient as the situation unfolds.

For more updates and information, stay tuned to local news channels and official advisories from PHIVOLCS and the official site of Mactan International Airport.

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