Guidelines sa Pag Suroy. Travel safe this Covid Season

Here goes summer! Safe travel everyone! Here are some guidelines sa pag suroy and some friendly tips from your fellow “ka-suroy” on staying safe while traveling this Covid pandemic season.

The heat of the sun is finally here as we enter the dry season. We now say hello to the warm weather of the Philippines. Some of you already have your swimsuits and trunks ready, your camera to capture the beautiful views, and the perfect beach body to slay.

Travel restrictions have now been eased making it convenient to fulfill your awaited summer trips. Go now and pack your stuff; hop on a plane without a second doubt. Hey! Life is better at the beach.

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Rapid test kits can now be easily purchased and used at home.
Rapid test kits can now be easily purchased and used at home.

Many of you are starting to plan their travel goals or #Drawings. The Department of Health is reminding all travelers to pack COVID-19 safety tips. This, along with beach towels, swimsuits, and sunblock and you are ready to go. See to it that you have everything prepared in your summer checklist. Never forget your guidelines sa pag suroy.

Here are some of the travel guidelines we need to observe:

  1. Covid test. Check the guidelines of the place you are traveling to. Take the specified test (Antigen/RT-PCR tests) and carry the test reports if testing for COVID-19 is a travel requirement. The test must be valid at the time of entry as per the LGU/IATF guidelines. Get in touch with your LGU and isolate yourself in case the result of the COVID-19 test is positive.
  2. Self-health declaration. Before going on a trip, make sure that you are well. Use a thermometer to check your temperature and monitor it from time to time. Any signs or symptoms of Covid-19 should be observed prior to traveling. If you feel sick or unwell, JUST STAY AT HOME! #NetflixandChill.
  3. Safety. Adhere to safety guidelines as outlined by the LGU of your destination. It is mandatory to use a mask and carry hand sanitizer at all times while on a trip. Don’t take off your mask not unless you’re eating, swimming, or engaging in any summer activities. Mga marites, keep your mask on, Covid virus spreads as fast as your chikas.
  4. Social distancing and proper hygiene. Social distancing should be followed stringently at all times in public places. No more HHWW or Holding hands while walking along the beaches or bay walks with your partner. Maintaining personal hygiene is a must. 
  5. Don’t forget your travel essentials. Make sure all your stuff is packed if you’re doing your DIY travel itinerary. From your sun shades, sunblocks, and hats down to your toothbrush and toiletries. Make a stuff of all you need so you will not forget anything. We are all aging, as they say! Book a hotel, prepare your camera, and stand like Linda Evangelista!
  6. Have fun! Following the travel guidelines and safety protocols can sometimes be hard, but don’t forget to have fun on all your travels. Create new memories with your friends and loved ones. Take the scenic view and make happy moments and take your camera so you can keep every moment. Leave all your problems behind when you travel… and as the Roman poet Horace said “Seize the moment”!
Guidelines sa Pag Suroy tip #4. Always sanitize.
Guidelines sa pag suroy tip #4: Always sanitize.

You may view Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific’s website for a list of travel requirements. Suroy nya ta!

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