Stunning Maze Garden in Toledo City

The Maze Garden is a captivating attraction that offers visitors a unique and enjoyable experience. This verdant labyrinth is meticulously designed to provide an intriguing and unique experience for visitors is perfect for seekers looking to explore and have fun amidst beautifully manicured greenery.

The maze is 25 meters in diameter and is unique as it is the only labyrinth maze garden in the Visayas region. Its small height allows you to see the whole maze and prevents you from getting lost on your way. A statue of the Virgin Mary carrying Baby Jesus is at the center of the labyrinth. The uniqueness makes it a picture-perfect spot for your next getaway.

Capilla Sta. Ana Museum and Community Center beside the Maze Garden.
Capilla Sta. Ana Museum and Community Center beside the Maze Garden.
The Maze is just a few meters away from the ocean where you can sit back and meditate.
The Maze is just a few meters away from the ocean, where you can sit back and meditate.
A fly-by over the unique Maze Garden in Toledo, Cebu.

General Information about The Maze Garden

Entrance Fee: PHP 100

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Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 11:00 and 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM daily

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How to Get to the Maze Garden in Toledo City

The Maze Garden is located in Toledo City, approximately 50 kilometers west of Cebu City. The most convenient way to reach the garden is by private car or taxi. Those using public transportation can take a bus or van from Cebu City’s South Bus Terminal to Toledo City. You may need to hire a tricycle or motorcycle from the city proper to take you directly to the Maze Garden.

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Location Information

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