Amarillo Café at Yello Hotel: A Chic Urban Escape in Cebu

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Cebu City, Amarillo Café at Yello Hotel offers a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and cozy ambiance. This urban café is ideal for coffee aficionados, food lovers, and digital nomads looking for a chic place to unwind, work, or socialize. Whether you’re in for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely brunch, Amarillo Café promises an exceptional experience.

Stylish Ambiance

The interior of Amarillo Café in Yello Hotel is designed with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The cozy seating, warm lighting, and tasteful décor create an inviting atmosphere, making it a great spot for both work and relaxation. The large windows offer a glimpse of the bustling city outside, adding to the urban charm of the café.

The rooftop outdoor bar and restaurant even has a pool set against a scenic backdrop of the city. Their unli-chicken is reasonably priced and offers more than just the standard wings other restaurants offer. But perhaps the best thing about the place, apart from the great food, is the gorgeous view of the city while enjoying a full day or night chit-chat with friends.

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Enjoy a beautiful view of the city at Amarillo Restaurant in Yello Hotel.
Enjoy a beautiful view of the city at Amarillo Restaurant in Yello Hotel.
Amarillo Restaurant serves beer-battered unlimited chicken meals and several famous Cebuano street foods.
Amarillo Restaurant serves beer-battered unlimited chicken meals and several famous Cebuano street foods.
Chill eating in collaboration with Pobreng Laagan.
Chill eating in collaboration with Pobreng Laagan.

They serve unlimited beer-battered chicken with four flavors of dips: cheese, sweet and spicy, classic gravy, and white sauce. The sauce is served separately, although you may ask the chef to mix them. They are freshly fried from the moment you order, making the food taste great. The unlimited rate includes unli-rice and their signature strawberry iced tea.

The unlimited meal includes classic staple Cebuano street food like ngohiong, squid ball, squid roll, kikiam, and quek-quek.

General Information

Price: Unlimited Chicken Wings for just PHP 311 per person. This includes unlimited rice, unlimited ice tea, and unlimited sides (Cebuano staple street food).

Opening hours: Every day from 11 AM – 9 PM.

How to Get There

By Car

From Cebu City center, head towards Lahug and look for the Yello Hotel along the main road. Amarillo Café is located within the hotel premises, making it easily accessible by car.

By Taxi or Ride-Hailing Service

You can book a taxi or a ride-hailing service like Grab. Simply input “Yello Hotel Cebu” as your destination, and you’ll be dropped off right at the entrance.

By Public Transportation

Take a jeepney or bus bound for Lahug. Yello Hotel is a prominent landmark in the area, so it’s easy to locate. From the drop-off point, a short walk will bring you to the café.

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Location Information

Amarillo Café is conveniently located on the rooftop of Yello Hotel in Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City. It is right across JY Mall or a few minutes from Cebu IT Park.

Nearby Attractions

Enhance your visit to Amarillo Café by exploring these nearby attractions:

Ayala Center Cebu

A premier shopping destination, Ayala Center Cebu offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. It’s a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Cebu IT Park

Known as the city’s business hub, Cebu IT Park has numerous dining spots, bars, and cafes. It’s a lively area perfect for evening strolls and casual dining. It is also home to the famous Sugbo Mercado.

Cebu Taoist Temple

Located a short drive away, Cebu Taoist Temple is a serene place for reflection and offers a stunning view of the city. The temple’s intricate architecture and peaceful gardens are worth a visit.

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Fuente Osmeña Circle

A historical landmark in Cebu City, Fuente Osmeña Circle is a perfect spot for a relaxing walk or a quick photo op. The area is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Temple of Leah

A grand Roman-inspired structure, Temple of Leah is often compared to Cebu’s Taj Mahal. It’s a beautiful tribute to undying love and a popular tourist destination.

Tops Lookout

For a panoramic view of Cebu City, Tops Lookout is a must-visit. It’s a short drive up the hills of Busay and offers a stunning vantage point, especially during sunset.


Amarillo Café at Yello Hotel is more than just a place to grab a coffee; it’s a destination that offers a complete experience. From its delicious food and stylish ambiance to its convenient location and proximity to key attractions, Amarillo Café is a must-visit for anyone in Cebu.

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